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We have helped over 20 Small and Medium-Sized businesses increase revenue by 40%.  Everything we know has been distilled into 3 Core Revenue Principals and 9 Strategies.

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The RevenYou Control Framework was developed by Patrick Cumiskey based on his real-world experience building businesses large and small.  

Lessons form 100,000 Customers

The Framework provides everything you need to grow your business starting today. it has brought in almost 100,000 customers for Patrick's own Businesses and massively increased revenue for other businesses such as Gyms, Restaurants, Accountants, and other Professional Service companies.



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Recommended by the World's Leading Marketing Advisor for Small Business

See what Jay Conrad Levinson (R.I.P) , who has sold over 20 million books on marketing and founder of the "Guerrilla Marketing"  Concept has to say about Patrick Cumiskey, one of the few certified "Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainers" in the world.

Proven System based on 10 Years Work

Step By Step System

The exact step by step system we have used for ourselves and others to bring customers in every day,


Suitable for All Business Types

We have tested and achieved results for a wide range of Business including Training Companies,  Restaurants, Gyms Professional Services.


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Due to the issues facing business and the Opportunities available with re-opening we are making this guide framework available free of charge for a short time.


Revenue Increase of 30% in 12 Months

"The System is a Game Changer!

We were already a busy restaurant but their innovative and easy to implement approach increased over revenue by over 30% within  12 Months


Byt the best thing was we started to see results straight away.

When Covid came, we were ready and able to change and adapt incredibly fast.


I highly recommend this system to all business owners  busy or growing"


Damon Crowe, Owner Red Torch Ginger

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For Business Owners by Business Owners


Patrick spent the first half of his career working in Ireland, Great Britain and the USA advising corporations and government agencies on business, growth and change strategies. 


During this time he was exposed to the highest level in business thinking.


After building and selling his own consulting firm he took on a massive career change to build a training business to enable people live safer lives. This company, Krav Maga Ireland is very successful has been featured on every major TV channel and newspaper in Ireland.


To build his business he had to go back to scratch, but from his background he knew what was possible, enabling him to build the business tools he needed to grow, at fraction of the cost it would take others.


While completing an MBA he tested the RevenYou Control concept with a number of pilot business generation transformational results.


This unique concept is now available to a select number of ambitious business owners.


Playbooks.. Real Businesses with Real Results

100,000 Customers and More Every Day

In this case study, we outline how a Training Business bootstrapped itself to attract over 100,00 customers and develop and evergreen customer generation system that brings new customers in everyday.

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Restaurant Profits and Thriving under COVID

In this case study, we outline a system we have created which not only increased restaurant business by over 40% Pre-COVID AND helped them operate and thrive during the Pandemic.

Consulting Sales System

How a consulting business turned their unique knowledge and Expertise into a Sales System that led to 6 figure consulting contracts.

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What We Offer



Our online training programme provides you with everything you need to know to take control of your business revenue.

Everything starts with our free online training programme available on this site.



Our Coaching programme consists of group coaching impact programmes which typically run over 6-12 weeks and 
individual programme which can be tailored to individual needs



We work in partnership with clients providing hands-on support and helping the driving revenue in their business.