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  • Create a Lead attraction website that converted 60,000 paying customers
  • Land a 200k Consulting Project, which grew to €800k in Revenue
  • Double profits for a Restaurant Group



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"I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team."

Lee Iacocca

There Are Just 3 ways to Grow


New Customers

A constant flow of new customers is essential to business growth. We provide ready to go systems to automatically generate new leads.


Maximise Revenue

Maximising Customer Value is at the heart of Business profitability. We provide proven strategies increasing the average value of a customer.


Build Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is the ingredient for long-time success. We set up world-class loyalty measurement and creation systems


The customer Boomerang Business Growth Framework was developed  by Patrick Cumiskey based on his real world experience building businesses large and small.  

The Framework provides everything you need to grow you business starting today.

Proven Strategies

Patrick spent the first half of his career working in Ireland, Great Britain and the USA advising corporations and government agencies on business, growth and change strategies. 

During this time he was exposed to the highest level in business thinking.

After building and selling his own consulting firm he took on a massive career change to build a training business to enable people live safer lives. This company, Krav Maga Ireland is very successful has been featured on every major TV channel and newspaper in Ireland.

To build his business he had to go back to scratch, but from his background he knew what was possible, enabling him to build the business tools he needed to grow, at fraction of the cost it would take others.

While completing an MBA he tested the Customer Boomerang concept with a number of pilot business generation transformational results.

This unique concept is now available to a select number of ambitious business owners.

"The Customer Boomerang is System is a Game Changer!

We were already a busy restaurant but their innovative and easy to implement approach increased over revenue by over 20% within 3 Months.

I highly recommend this system to all Restaurants busy or growing"

Damon Crowe, Owner Red Torch Ginger

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MBA Level Thinking with Guerrilla Marketing Pragmatism

The Customer and Business Growth Framework was developed  Patrick Cumiskey, based on over 20 experiences building businesses. The concept is to integrate MBA Level thinking with Guerrilla Marketing pragmatism.

See what Jay Conrad Levinson, who has sold over 20 million books on marketing and founder of the "Guerrilla Marketing"  Concept has to say about Patrick Cumiskey, one of the few certified "Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainers" in the world.

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