Restaurant Revenue Recovery.. 18 Step by Step Strategies
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Our restaurant clients pay us thousands every for the ideas and technology we provide because it makes them money every day... they used our platform to get through the shutdown and are now using our systems to relaunch and recover.

Developed out of Crises

.. We started working with of our top-performing clients in the last Financial Crises, so we know what to do when things get tough.

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Due to the unique challenges facing the restaurant industry We are making the core ideas we use available for free.......

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Each Video will contain a proven actionable strategy that you will be able to put in place to increase your revenue, put them all together and you will see amazing results ..Guaranteed


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18 Money Making Strategies to Help you Get Back on Your Feet For Free

Every week we will release one Revenue Creating Strategy, .. Starting with the Fastest and Easier to get Working...Each Strategy has been proven to work in real Irish restaurants.. Watch the Video, Put the Ideas into Practice..Increase Your Revenue


Get Customers to Come Back


Maximise Bookings from your Website

noun_Social Media_1580352

Get Customers from Social Media


Use Email to Pull Customers In


Show up First on Google Maps


Build a Customer Database


Get More Visitors to your Website


Use 'Surprise' to build to Turn Customers in Champtions


Using Pricing Options to Increase Revenue Fast


Discount Hurdling.. How to Make offers that generat Profit


Create Your Own PR


Use Videos to increase website booking

Use a customer journey to pinpoint opportunities
noun_user feedback_1477789
Get feedback to create and activate loyalty profits
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Market to you 3 customer types to maximise
Carve out your Place in your Customer Mind
Create your Own Events
Break the Constraints of the restaurant

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We Put The Restaurant Owner Back in Control

Get More Sales from Your Website

Most people who visit your website are not coming to book, in facts research shows on average 73% of people who visit a website do not intend to take action.

This means that most Restaurant websites are losing a lot of potential sales. Many of the people who visit a restaurant website are just checking it out, they may be researching a restaurant for another time, having a look at the menu because of a review or recommendation or just come across it through browsing.

Increasing the bookings from these visitors will have a dramatic on your restaurant's revenue

In the section we will outline one simple approach we used to add €140k+ per year to a number of restaurants.

More Repeat Business

Customer loyalty and repeat visits are the foundations of a successful and profitable restaurant, many restaurants simply assume if they provide the customers with a positive experience they will become loyal, this is very far from reality, as research shows it takes a minimum of 3 positive experiences before a customers start. to develop loyalty.  We have strategies for engineering customer loyalty

More Customers on Off Peak Periods

There is rhythm is a rhythm that many restaurants settle for. They hope for a busy weekend and accept quieter early and midweeks. But that doesn't have to be the case, we have developed approaches to using quieter periods to increasing revenue, building customer loyalty and using the off-peak days as opportunities to grow.

Restaurant Profit Machine

We Increase Turnover, Profit and Tripadvisor Ratings for Restaurants by Generating Repeat Business, Automatic Viral Promotions and Motivating 5 Star Reviews on Trip Advisor

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What Our Clients Say

All Our Clients Have experienced Significant Increases in Turnover, Profit and Trip Advisor Ranking


The R.P.M system has been transformational for us.

They were the only guys to actually show us what to do.


"Changed Everything"

" Before we worked with RPM we operated from day to day, now we are booked out Weeks in advance

The approach is at the heart of everything we do and a core reason we went from 147 on Tripadvisor to the Top”


"This Works!"

The Restaurant Profit machine is at the heart of our restaurant.

It Works! It put us back in control, Bringing us from 35 on Tripadvisor in Malahide to top 3.


Bring Customers Back Fast!

Generating Repeat Business from Past customer is Critical to Business Success. Our unique approach bring customer back Fast! With their Friend!


Word of Mouth and Social Media are the most powerful ways to attract new customers. Our proprietary strategies connect with your customer's network to attract new customers.

Increase 5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews

High Trip Advisor rankings bring you floods of new customers for free. Our Proven Approach to ethically increasing 5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews changes the game.

Key Features

  • Customer Enrollment System

    A  unique approach to building a customer database which allows you generate repeat business on demand.

  • Boomerang Customers

    Automatically Attracts customers back to your restaurant fast.

  • Auto-promoter

    Auto-Pilot system which Stay in touch with customers using specially designed  and  proven promotions to encourage them to return with friends -
  • Customer Reach

    Connect With Your Customers When You Want !

  • Trip Advisor Velocity Vector

    Trip Advisor Rankings are crucial to Attracting new customers. We help you get to the Top.

  • Boomerang Intelligence

    Get Inside your customers head and tailor your restaurant to their needs.

  • Proven Profit Boosters

    Research-based customer invites which consistently generate repeat business. 

  • LunchStar

    A proven approach to increasing a Restaurants Lunch Trade.

A Unique Competitive Advantage for the Right Restaurant

The Restaurant Profit Machine originated as an MBA Research Project and is the Results of 3-year research project working in the Trenches with a selected group of restaurant owners.

The system creates such a strong competitive advantage that availability is limited within areas.

Membership of the Restaurant Boomerang Community is by invite only. If you would like to find out more then simply register below.


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